Hey my loves! I know I've not been here as I should be lately but you can find my reasoning in the new chapter of LTPS I just updated! And do you like the new covers? Both of them are by @mara_cleia who is amazing btw! Stay safe and empower yourself, all my love <3


@KirstenMx the covers are cool its just weird because we're so used to the old ones but I really like the new ones too


The covers are nice but I’m so used to the old ones 


          First of all you're amazing . I love protecting the President's son and now I am reading loving the President's son . I just love it . can u update the book  its been really long . 


I’m obsessed with the protecting/ loving the president’s son. You’re a great writer and I love u soooo much. Ngl I cried myself to sleep at the ending of PTPS it was so sad 


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Hi. Well your story protecting the president's son was amaizing . It made me explore my emotions. I laughed cried mostly cried though especially at the enring. I know how people were saying that how can this happen blah bleh blah Raven died this that sad ending but to be honest with you you did an amazing job ❤️. People when it comes to life situations they always want good things but we all know that doesn't happen right ???Well am a fan of good endings but if the story gets a good ending l never bother about the sequel. So thank you so much for that amazing experience. And also take your time in writing. I can't wait for the next update on Loving the president's son coz l know how it feels to wright, plus you already have other stuff to do so...
          Oh shit this thing is so long, am sorry l just had a lot to say. 


I sooo agreealso can you please check out my bio!!


Protecting the president's son made me cry, smile and laugh.
          I cried when raven died , laughed when Noah made jokes and smiled each time I read a seen with ace and Luna only .
          So I think I really appreciated the story and I like the fact that you decided to continue .