So, last night I had some time, and went through the comments section in 'PS IHY' and you people had me cracking up at 3 a.m. Stay awesome!


@KhaleesiH i've really really enjoyed that book, it's awesome! :) Too bad you don't have the inspiration to write more. *sigh*


@KhaleesiH its alright. Im sure it will be worth the wait :-)


@ellen_the_generous I might, during the summer. I want to finish it, but life just keeps getting in the way. Plus, I don't really have much inspiration. We'll see..


Glad that PS IHY made it on feature page and I was able to discoved it! I love this story❣️


Hi author i just finished reading PS. IHY and I still can't move on so i stalk u lol and find out that you joined wattpad year 2013 and your last story has been updated year 2014, so I'm just kinda worried tho maybe u uninstalled wattpad and move kn to life or u forget ur account. 
          I'm hoping you're alive and safe where ever you are. And also hope ur doing great and healthy on the other side of the earth ‍♀


Hey author..I just want to say I really love your story..especially "PS I Hate You"..I hope you are fine,no matter where are you now..


I'm 100% sure I'm not the only one who's still waiting for you to come back. Next year you'll let us know you're safe and sound. You'll update Home Calling and give us a new story  ✨manifesting✨ 
          In case you forgot the password to your account let us know if you made another one so we can support you. 
          Just move the glass if you're still alive 


"ps i love you" is one of the books i read years ago when i first discovered my sexuality. i fall in love wt this and been re-reading this for hundreds time and each time doing that, it always spark some feelings in me, thankyou author for such a great story.. 


im sorry it was "ps i hate you" lmao