Hey there! Thanks for checking out my profile. So as you can see, I'm Kevin Naude. 
Currently 17 years old.
Currently situated in South Africa.

My hobbies include reading, writing, listening to music, watching series, camping and going on adventures.

I'm into writing, acting, modeling, hair and style. You could say I'm metrosexual.
I'm a proud supporter if the LGBTQ+ community and Anti-bullying.

I read all kinds of genres, but my favorite is definitely fantasy. I believe that no dream is too big to be possible.

My favorite saying is:
Always be yourself. No matter how much people will judge you. You should never be afraid to be who you really are. As long as you stay true to yourself, nothing else matters.

I'll end you off on this:

Read fantasy.
Write fantasy.
Love fantasy.
LIVE fantasy.

English is only my second language, so please excuse my grammar. Corrections are more than welcome.

Read my Kindling Enchanter Trilogy's first book, Awakening, if you're interested in the supernatural fantasy :)
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