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@AdriaMenthe When is  the squeal for Don't Tell Daddy coming out?


Hey,  I've been reading Taming Ember recently and it's honestly the most intriguing erotica that I personally have ever read....keep up the fantastic work


Hello miz marii I'm maze im wondering if u are going to post the rest of dont tell my dirty secrets or when. I love ur story's btw.


I really hope you get well soon! I found your works today and I read them all (today)! you are amazing at what you do , you make writing so crisp and easy when in actual its opp! Please update soon if possible! You're an freaking asset to wattpad! I'm surprised you have on 30k followers you deserve millions! Or even billions! Take care


Hey Kate~~Thanx for voting on "The Tattooed Princess" Glad to hear your health has improved and you'll be writing again.