I find there aren’t enough stories accurately portraying the struggles of bisexual men so I look a shot at it.
          Warm Winters: a bisexual story
          Seventeen-year-old Nick begins his journey of self-discovery after a crazy sexual encounter takes place at a party. An unintentional romance, or shall I say romances begin to develop. Nick struggles to accept himself because of the conflicting messages the world sends him about his identity. Nick is forced to balance jealousy, betrayal, and love on top of maintaining the relationships that became so complicated that fateful night.


hi, i hope ure doing well. just wanted to pop in to say i luvluvluvvv ur work <3


Hi I’ve enjoyed 2 of ur works. They were just great.  Compliments.  Just wondering if u r going to finish Forever Yours


I'm hooked up on the stories about bxb or mxm but it's hard to find a good one. Buy I stumbled on your THE OLDER MAN story and I just can't stop. I read all your story and waiting for some more in the future. Keep up the good work