My name is Charlee and I am twenty-four years old.

To fill the void that is my life, I read. All the time! I am constantly finding new stories on Wattpad. Either popular ones that I have not read yet, or hidden gems that do not have very high reading stats, but are fantastic and need to be discovered!

I use my Reading Lists to organize all of the stories that find their way into my hands. Good, bad, just okay, or even stories that I do not like at all, but I feel the need to power through them until the end, find their way into a specific reading list of mine. Below is a guide to each of my reading lists and what they mean to me.

EDIT: Revamping reading lists. Please stay tuned.

Finished Favorites - The books that I think outshine others and I could definitely see myself reading again end up here.

Finished Reading - All books that I finish, good, bad, meh, go into this list. It helps me keep track of what I have read.

Reading Hiatus - Books that have not had an update within four months usually end up here. If I start a book and get sidetracked with other books, and then I cannot remember what happened when I do go back to the book, I also throw it in here to restart at a later date.

Lost Interest - Some stories that I start, I like then initially, but then I get bored with them if they tend to drag on, so they end up here. I may or may not decide to restart some.

Couldn't Get Into It - Books that I start reading and they just don't hook me. It does not mean that they are bad, they just were not really what interested me at the time or something really bugged me about it.

I Can't Even... - Some stories that I attempt to read, end up having horrible grammar, the plots just do not make sense, or I just find the story unreadable.

Kaerph's Reading List - This has nothing to do with what I am reading at the moment. Everything I'm currently reading resides in my Library.
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It's been almost a year since I was on here. I got sucked into Kindle and iBooks. Lots of free books to find on there to fill time and the void of authors not updating.Now that I am back, I will be...
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