Took a picture of the Bakusquad 'cause I was threatened by Mina ;-; My picture was taken by the one and only SHOTOOOOO!!!😊💟

You can call me Broccoli or Deku, wHaTeVer yOu cHoOsE i gUeSs

Name: Izuku Midoriya
Age: 16
Birthday: 7/15
Height: 166 cm (5'5 1/4)
Hair Color: Emerald Green
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Quirk: One For All (We hidin bro-)
Hero Name: Deku
Sexuality: Flat Out Gay ;-;
Pronouns: He/Him I guess ;-; (Her/She if you're close to me ///)
Babeeeee: Shouto Todoroki (My baby's Pansexual though 😊😂💜)
AU: Broccoli In A Basket, but I'm secretly mixed with a tomato (That's why when I blush, I look like a Tomato Broccoli ;-;-;-; Idk bro) ;-;


All Might - @Dad-MIGHT_
Midnight -
Present Mic -
Eraserhead -

Peepz In The Class ^^ (DM me or just post on conversations)

Kirishima - @bethisnotok089
Kaminari - @bakugouthebakahoe
Mina - @_sweetea3
Sero -
Kacchan - @groundzeroitisbitch
Ojirou -
Tsu -
Hagakure - @BAKUGOU_05
Momo - @12783penguin
Shouto - @life_as_we_knew_it
Uraraka - @official_uraraka
Iida -
Jirou - @xxmilkduud
Aoyama -
Kouda -
Satou -
Shouji - @kiribaku_lovechild
Tokoyami -
Mineta -
Shinsou - @StarsNeverLanding

@groundzeroitisbitch ;-;-;-;-;-;

Villains >:)

Shigaraki - @NothingBeatsTheOTP
Toga -
Kurogiri -
Dabi - @OfficalKaminariDenki


Supppp, I'm Rayn (Like Rain) and 사랑해! 💜🌸이 순간, 완벽하다😉 いm ぱんせぅあl😘👀💙💚
Best Friends👽 - @xxmilkduud
@bethisnotok089 @_sweetea3
Mah Favorites💌 - The people I'm following lol ;-;
I'm a multifandom and I will die for K-Pop and Anime ;-;
ばい 👀👽🌟
I love @groundzeroitisbitch , @bethisnotok089 , @25ksales more than I love Shota Aizawa.......and that's a lot of love...
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