I recently heard about what's going on in Nigeria. I am so sorry for anyone that has experienced that. #EndSars


Hello. My friend wrote this story and I was wondering if you could check it out. It would mean a lot l her. Btw it’s fantasy romance. If this was bothersome please disregard my post or delete it. https://my.w.tt/yN93C3oHlcb


@smoochlol123 Sorry I didn't see this but I'll check it out.


Hello Janaysia! 
          Sorry, I don't want to intrude, but I noticed you being a follower and reader of fantasy and romance authors. Maybe you’d like to give the supernatural fantasy-romance ‘Regent’s Blood’ by M.J. Stephanos a chance as well. I’m a fan of her book and I think she deserves more readers and followers. 
          Best Regards SeasonsOfMist