Hello, friends! 

Status: Dying in Law School (emphasis supplied)

I'm a pretty nice person if you're nice lmao

I ain't dead. And i'm updating but mainly writing haikyuu related fics #blessdt

* I'm sorry for not updating any HxH fanfics. It's hard to focus on two fandoms at the same time.

* The Heart and the Spider is about to end. But I'm having a hard time thinking of an ending. XD So updates on that story will probably be rare. And i mean VERY rare lmao


"Nothing can destroy Iron...
Except it's own rust."


Fun facts about me:

I've been writing fanfiction for a long time but I stopped when I was in college and I just recently returned to writing this 2020.

I'm currently 21 years old, and studying law so I could only update one story at most.

I'm unfortunately a Filipino (AHAHAHA) so English is obviously not my first language

Yea please don't read my old stories. They kinda make me cringe so I find it hard to update them AHAHAHAHAH

I tend to update if people get persistent enough tho AHAHAHA

I like to write smut and am actually still pretty new to writing fluff.

**The smut i write usually tend to have omegaverse undertones hence the emphasis on scents. Also please bear in mind that writing is kind of a long process so please be patient with updates.

**I don't really discriminate in anything r18. I have practically read and watched everything and anything- hentai, yuri, yaoi and even furry. So yeaa im desensitized as hell.

I usually reply to comments if I like them or if it's a question. Feel free to do so!

I'm a pretty chill person overall unless you're attacking my OC or fic so yeaaa. I do admit some things I've written are pretty cringe and it baffles me how people are still reading and still waiting for updates (BUT DON'T WORRY I WILL. ONCE I GET SOME FREE TIME HUHU)

Anyway that pretty sums up all of it. Enjoy reading!

Please don't read my older fics im begging u AHAHAHA
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