"Writing is freedom";

Status: Dying in Law School (emphasis supplied)


I'm not being paid to write so I'm entitled to write anything I want.

Daily reminder that you're just reading a story for free so don't be too demanding. To request nicely and be demanding are two different things.

Please don't apply real life moral standards to fictional characters or works. It's like you're talking to a wall.


But yea, I ain't dead. And i'm updating but mainly writing haikyuu related fics #blessdt

* I'm sorry for not updating any HxH fanfics. It's hard to focus on two fandoms at the same time.

* The Heart and the Spider is about to end. But I'm having a hard time thinking of an ending. XD So updates on that story will probably be rare. And i mean VERY rare lmao


"Nothing can destroy Iron...
Except it's own rust."


I've been writing fanfiction for a long time but I stopped when I was in college and I just recently returned to writing this 2020.

I'm currently 22 years old, and studying law so I could only update one story at most.

I'm unfortunately a Filipino (AHAHAHA) so English is obviously not my first language

Yea if you're a new reader, please don't read my old stories. They kinda make me cringe so I find it hard to update them AHAHAHAHAH

Still working on how i write smut

I am still pretty new to writing fluff.

**The smut i write usually tend to have omegaverse undertones hence the emphasis on scents and breeding.

**I don't really discriminate in anything r18. I have read and watched everything and anything- hentai, yuri, yaoi and even furry. So yeaa im desensitized as hell.

Not a fan of readers who complain.

Yeah, i can deal with constructive criticism but when you're bitching out as if i have to adjust my writing to you. Then LMAO you have the audacity.

And of course some things I've written are pretty cringe.
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To "50 SHADES OF HISOKA" readers:I'm planning to edit the story from the very beginning. Since I wrote most of the chapters on the earlier part of the story for fun, those parts were written very po...
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