Ask me questions, anything you’ve been dying to know In the span of time since I’ve been gone. Nothing is certain, but I’ll answer your questions honestly and to the best of my ability. Much love, H. ❤️


I just wrote my first story hope you like it


@Jiminttrash what it the book 1 of together and forever


@Jiminttrash Is that you in the profile picture?


Hiiiii. I just wanna ask what is the title of Forever and Always' book 1? :)))) Hoping that you notice this. Hihi. I badly want to read book 1 first. 
          Your stories are great btw! :DDD


i have really good fanfic plots and ideas but idk how to write or express them correctly in a book so i'm offering to be ur personal story plot maker


i- 36 works... i just went and added them all to my list not realising that i already had some by you. Im still shocked like 36 books damn good job 


Hiiii @Jiminttrash !!
          We hate self-promoting but since we worked really hard on this, we want it to get some attention... 
          We just started a new book, and it’s called The Bad In Me. Two authors are writing this book. We are best friends and we love to write. We have worked really hard on the plot and everything.
          So, we would really appreciate it if you would spare just a little bit of your time to check out our book.


Hey guys! If you’re looking for a story abt a badass princess who could kick ass, please check out “Finding Cinderella,” written by me. Love you sm~~ 
          And if you want someone to check out your stories you’re free to message me anytime! Though I’m quite busy at the moment, gimme some time and I’ll head straight to it (: