Hi, guys! 
          	long time no talk, I wanted to ask how you are doing? And here is an awesome award show that I want to recommend. They need Judges and inspectors. Join the award and show your talent.  Borahae! 


Hello dear! 
          Could you please support my book and get it to 40k by the end of this year? It's only going to be possible if you vote and comment on my stories and interact with me as your author. I promise you that you will not be disappointed and maybe, just maybe you'll find something valuable that you need in life through the messages in my book.


Ar chere jaba na! Ami to kisu korteo parina...ar jai hok - virtual ami T_T kisu korar khomotao nai...tai bolchi AR KONODIN EIVABE NA BOILA PALABA NA! AMI ASI TO TAI NA! ABAR PALALE KINTO KADBO BOLE DILAM -


@Love_Jinnia_ আচ্ছা আপু, I promise আর কোনোদিন করবো না