wishing you all the best for the new year! can't believe it's already 2020~ i have some exciting things planned that i hope i can actually make happen (if only uni doesn't kill me with assignments starting next week TT).
          	i will try my best to be back soon with some updates/content!
          	2020 marks my 5th year on wp with this account and i couldn't be more thankful to all of you who have supported me all this time. whether you're new or have stuck around when my writing was trash, i appreciate it a lot because you all are one of the reasons why i continue writing :)
          	love you all and wishing you a lovely new year~
          	- Sae


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yayyy!! i’m looking forward to read your new fanfics!!



Another promotion on the way<<<
          Hey there, fellow armies 
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          Let's support each other. If you'll follow me I'll follow you back.
          Take care♡