(Alright, I'm the new Admin of this account! I'll be playing as Hoody and Masky, Der Ritter (Slender Man), and maybe Jeff the Killer, for the old Admin's sake. I will be doing third person, and hope you guys enjoy yourselves!)


@JeffTheKilller cool follow me Jeff but i think you should not >:)


Hey so I'm just wondering if you actually believe that creepypasta are real because I don't know if it's my imagination acting up again or something else but I live near the woods and I did the slenderman summoning and now I keep seeing the slenderman just watching me if you actually believe then please I could really use some help


I am the daughter of Michael Miyers. 
          don't believe me? 
          ask him for yourself!  
          you'll see him, and he'll be the last person you'll meet! =^-^=