A lawyer on the run . . . from a hit he contracted on himself! Today's recommendation is RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, by @Sam_le_fou. This book is diabolically clever and irreverently hilarious.  It's one of my favorites on Paid Stories. Try it - I dare you :)
          	An unscrupulous lawyer hires an assassin to take himself out, only to back out at the last second. Now, he must outrun his own assassin until the contract runs out - or die trying. Read "Running with Scissors" by @Sam_le_fou on @Wattpad #PaidStories https://w.tt/2Nu6VjD


i think this book is really interesting 
          	  im also kinda new on watt pad so can you guys please check my story 
          	  (once upon a life ....) it is really good :)


Hi there!! Hope you’re doing well. 
          I hate to be a bother but I’m working on a new novel and it would mean a lot to me for any feedback you may have :) 
          If you aren’t taking requests then no biggy.. stay safe during this hard time we are having! 


Thank you so much for writing this wonderful stories .They are so great I love them they really made my day .