Hmm... What to write about myself...

Well, I am James Norge. I'm happily married, to my wife, Leslee. I've also got a wonderful son, Matthew, who likes to chop down trees, as you can see in my profile picture.

I live in Canada, in it's largest city. Canada, land of the maple syrup, igloos, polar bears, and everlasting winters. Thank God I don't live further up north.

I'm a miserable old bugger, even though I'm not that old. I was born on the wonderful day of June 23rd, on a fine sunny day, in the year of 1976, my mother tells me. Now she's OLD!

I've come to notice this site if filled with you teenyboppers, which I know will mean I'll have trouble communicating with. What type of teenager wants to talk to a fellow like me?

I liked to play hockey when I was younger. Then I spent 15 years working the the mine. Quite a few accidents happened there. I was in one of them. Got crushed by some machinery, My advice, never become a miner. Go to school, get a good job, and all that.

These days I occupy my time with reading, writing, spending time with my darling wife, and brilliant son, and watching baseball. Go Toronto Blue Jays!

My black cat, Midnight, keeps me company on the quiet days. Scares all the little kids at Halloween!

Oh, and I do enjoy starwatching on those beautiful summer nights.

I might write something here. I might not. I'm not really sure. Perhaps there will come a boring day when I write my life story or something.

That's all I really got! I like talking to, and meeting new people. And, uh... That's it!

Your buddy,

James :D
  • Toronto, Canada
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