Second account of: Dream_Catcher209

Welcome to my account my amazing people!

About me:

•I'm Filipino
•I really like mangoes
•I play the violin
•I wear glasses (no but like real ones, otherwise I'll be like a fish out of water)

Music artists/composers that I like:

•Panic! At The Disco
•Fall Out Boy
•Twenty Øne Piløts
•Melanie Martinez
•Sam Smith
•John Williams

Have any music recommendations? Tell me! I'm open to many music genres!

I really like anime!

Some of my favourites include:

•DanganRonpa-the animation (finished)
•Attack on Titan (waiting for season two)
•One Piece (watching)
•Your Lie in April (watching)
•One Punch Man (waiting for season two)
•Parasyte (watching)
•Zankyou no Terror (watching)

If you have any recommendations, tell me! I'll try my best to watch the many Animes out there!

I also really like:

•Star Wars (watched 4, 5, 2, 3 and 7, in that order)
•Over the Garden Wall
•Glen Keane's Works

If you have any recommendations, just tell me! (I have said that three times.. • - • )

I also hope to animate for Disney or Studio Ghibli or write manga when I grow older.

The ideas in my head are too much.

I also overthink way too much.
  • Feeling emotional after an episode of Doctor Who.
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