i read a lot of angsty sh*t.

once an emo always an emo amiright

f i n g e r g u n s

information about me nobody asked for~

im 18, im too anxious for my own good, and im a closet weeb lmao

i have a problem with over sharing to strangers that dont care and with over using 'lol' and 'lmao' because im socially awkward and i never want people to think i actually care or am fully serious lmao

i'm too embarrassed to do normal people things like have actual conversations with actual words, say sorry to someone even though it makes me sad that i did something wrong to them, stop saying sorry even though i look like an idiot, or even ask a waiter for an extra fork because they took mine because it was in my salad bowl

i use way too many commas in all of the wrong places and i don't know what a run on sentence is

i believe music is the most beautiful thing ever and find myself getting lost in the music i listen to even if i dont like the artist, genre, or the song itself. i prefer rock, alternative, or other songs that dont quite fit into genres but have a similar sound i'm obsessed with 5sos, slipknot, dance gavin dance, and mcr. i was never allowed to listen to anything but country until i was like 13 lol so i never got to listen to ninki minjaj or any of the 2000s bops that everyone has in their throwback playlists r.i.p. boring conversations with vsco girls :(

i obviously use the oxford comma and when people dont i cringe i dont even know if its grammatically correct its just what im used to lmao

i was the biggest f*cking nerd growing up and all i did was read and i had like a literal college reading level in 2nd grade but now im illiterate and i still only read most of the time its just what i read is written by 14 year olds who don't know what an oxford comma is

i do a lot of stuff ironically until it becomes a habit like i cant stop like saying 'literally' even though it annoyed the living h*ck out of me and isn't even how you use the word

*i u e
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what are y’alls zodiac signs? i’m a capricorn sun and moon, virgo rising
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