My finals officially end Monday and I'll be on break until January. Soooo, I have "SURPRISE" for everyone 


@Jae-Jae when i had joined I read your book subway. After being addicted to it and realized there was a sequel, I was ecstatic! When I saw that the book wasn't done and you still had worked to do, I was insane. I was really excited for what would happen next. You are very talented and I just hope you finish the book.


@Jae-Jae I hope that it is the continuation of "A Deadly Trip". I have joined only two days ago and you're the first one I've read and your content is just awesome...
          	  Please release the next chapter and don't let down the hopes of your readers...


@Jae-Jae ❤❤❤❤❤


Hey there, just wondering if you will be doing any more stories like 'The Subway' as it had me endulged in it and it was just amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 
          Is there any stories that you would recommend me to read? I can't find interest in any other stories but want to read and I have read all of mine loads and want something new, recommendations are much appreciated ❤


@MCRPATDXX follow me i write horror stories


I knew I should've waited to start reading A Deadly Trip :((( So much suspense!! Can't wait for the next update!! At the same time, I understand you have a life, so take care of yourself, girl  We'll be waiting eagerly for you when you come back ❤️