J : Well hello, curious people! I'm J also known as-
Filipe : Hello! It's me! I was wonderi-
J : I was wondering when you would shut up and let me do my work!
Roberto : Calmos J, Filipe's just trying to help! Geez!
Filipe : I was trying to lighten the mood! Gods!!
J : Whatever! So yeah , as I was saying I'm just J. The girl who is a die-hard fan of The Joker and Jerome Valeska. I'm in many fandoms and I'm a kind person but something very important that you all need to-
Roberto : Attention seeker
J : What? Will you just shut up?!? Anyways, so-
Filipe : Attention seeeeeekeeer!!!
Roberto and Filipe : That's what you ar-
J : Good! Now they won't bother me. I'm sure you want to know where they are ; well, that's the important thing. I have borderline split personality disorder,not a big deal and Roberto and Filipe are two of my personalities. We're all very kind beings but don't mess with us or you'll regret it..... You could have asked those who dared to but they're no longer alive....... *Laughs* And that's all!!!
Roberto : We love to make new friends!!!
J : Robertoooo!!!!

# Why Should I Apologise For Being A Monster , No-one Ever Apologised For Making Me A Monster#

# Madness Is A Lot Like Gravity , All It Needs Is A Little Push #



Oh and I you think my whole account is a mess, you should see the rest of my life..... Spoiler alert, it's a mess too.

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Internet best friend : @JenosaurX

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But if you intend to unfollow after having followed ........ THEN NO NEED TO FOLLOW!!!! SO FUCK OFF!!!!

#back to calm mode#
Thank you for your coorperation!!!
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