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Hey guys try to read my new story"The Beki and The tomboy"
          Isang beki at isang tomboy sa tingin niyo may pag-asa pa bang maging straight ang dalawang taong ito?
          Paano kung hindi lang kasarian nila anv maging straight, paano kung pati pana ni kupuido ay straight na tumama sa kanilang puso
          May mabuo kayang lovestory?


Hiii :) If you have some time, kindly read my story, AQUARIUS? It's a general fiction story and about a girl who has water allergy. Please do vote and comment. It would mean a lot to me.
          If you also want a romance genre, you can try my other story, UNAVOIDABLE REDUNDANCY. Happy reading! :) Thank you so much and God bless you always ❤


Hi! I am shamelessly asking for a favor hope you read or support my story and don't forget to hit the vote button or leave a comment if ever you have time :)
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HEYY WASSUP! Sana matry mong basahin ang storya namin! It's a RomCom genre, weewoo! Have a good day! (*^3^)/~♡
          Title: Anosa University
          Author: @ssssake and @richanzai
          Eskwelahan ng mga kapos sa buhay at naghihingalo sa pang tuition. A Highschool University that poor people are expected to go to. Hold on tight because the journey of the students will be a rough ride! 
          ( ssssake and richanzai )
          Link: https://my.w.tt/PbtBw21yoZ