Hi there, J.N. Ironwolf over here, and yes, my last name is not really Ironwolf, though that would've been quite nice actually. The N isn't even part of my actual name. I just put it there, because, well it felt like it belonged there.

I'm a Twenty year old guy (damn, I'm getting old!) from the Netherlands who is still desperately trying to write the story he can't get out of his mind. I actually used to have another account on here, but I decided to start anew. So here we are.

For the last couple of months, I have tried to work out some story ideas. Because of life and such, I'm not really done, far from it, actually.

And that was it, I guess, what else is there to say?
Well, anyways, for now at least, goodbye, and feel free to follow me, and like my stories, when I actually have time to (re)write and publish them.
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