Chapter 18 of Wildest Dreams up! Sorry for the wait, I hope you guys like it!(:


@Honeyejiiiiii I do recommend it it's good, I just wish they finished it


@zeron-logato SHOULD I READ THE BOOK, is it any good


@JJJiangx about 5 years now at least.



Hey there JJJiangx 
                            First off I'd love to say that all your works are beautiful ,  I've read The Trouble with Love, Wildest Dreams , Summer rain and these books truly deserve the attention they have now , You are hella talented and i hope that you've found what you've always wanted in life .
                            Its been too long since you've been last active on wattpad , i really hope you're doing good and is happy , and yes most of your followers are worried as you've been very less active on wattpad . I sincerely hope you come back soon with more stories ❤️❤️


Just finished reading Trouble with love an Summer rain and both books are the ones where you don’t want them to end bc they are that GREAT! Just wish Trouble With Love had alil bit more at the end with the 2 main characters after everything sorta died down.  Now waiting an can’t wait for the 3rd one to b completed. You are definitely an amazing writer, thank you for sharing your books