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Im in my online class rn and its boring as FUCK someone pls text me hi 


@JIMINSGGUKS ur bored lonley cuntasarus is here to say hi :) tf is up?


this message may be offensive
Hi I just finished reading most of your works and I’m crying ahaha YOURe such a good writer! I rly hope you keep on writing and working on your works. It’s keeping me sane through this stupid virus shit  anyways I hope you’re well and safe  


Hey there!!!  I hope you are doing amazing and please take care. This is a really difficult time but please take good care of your family and yourself. I am sorry for disturbing you but I really love writing and want to be a good writer. It will be of great help if you read my work on Wattpad and comment down where you think need to improve. Please give your honest reviews about it. Thank you so much. Remember that I really love you. Please take care and please read my BTS fanfiction
          Thank you so much 
          Love you