i published my 1st chapter of my 1st attempt at fanfiction please take a look and comment with helpful tips :)


Next to you perhaps! 


Thanks @ShaunAllan you're the best 


@IyanaBanana will do! 


Hi! New Wattpad user here 
          As a fellow love story fan and a Wattpad veteran I would appreciate a new set of eyes on my WIP romance, Secret Heart! While it’s not quite “against all odds” in the traditional sense, it is about a girl (college age) who *finally* gets her childhood crush to notice her 
          If you do end up checking it out, I’m open to feedback!
          Thank you! 


Hellooooo, new friend. Thanks for adding Like Lambs Led to your reading list, Iyana. Sending warmth from sunny San Diego. 


Hey guys! How was your day?
          Tired of the same old clichés?
          Bored and want something new to read?
          Well just click the link;
          I promise my story won't disappoint.
          Read and comment on what you think!
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          Love from Jada! 
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Thank you Iyana for adding my book to your reading list. I'm going through so much right. You have made my day. I needed to smile. Depression is real.  I find comfort in knowong someone acknowledges my book, my characters, and their life. I am truly humbled by it.  Thank you Iyana


Hi,  just wanted to tell you this. 
          :) You are beautiful.
          :) You are special.
          :) You are lovable.
          :) Be always positive 
          :) Believe in yourself.
          :) Be kind and honest. 
          Be positive and have a positive attitude. Share positive aura around you. 
          Love is Love.  Live to Love.❤
          Thank you. 
          Have an amazing day. 
          Universal_Lord Xoxo ♥