I like to think my writing has improved since I first began writing when I was 12 and the amount of attention my stories have gained is honestly shocking, and when I was starting out that was great, I loved it, and I met so many people that have become great friends - but now I think it's time to move on.
          	I don't know if I'll update my stories, every time I write a new chapter I just delete it because I'm not happy with it, and I don't know if I'll even write original content. But I do know that I want to try and it's about time that I gave up on this account. It'll stay up, and the stories too, and my inbox is still always open, but other than that it's pretty a dead account.
          	I also just wanted to thank everyone who has voted, commented, made fanart for, and shared my stories. I'm so glad that you all enjoyed them and I hope that you'll continue to enjoy them, even if they never update again. So thank you!


@InterruptingMoose you are a good writer one of the best on this website and if you could please send someone painted lies to finish it, that would be greatly appreciated because it is one of the most popular stories on this app so send it to another account if thay is possible just not mine becuase I cant write but because of my reading level i know good authors when i see them


@InterruptingMoose I was looking forward to TYBRS rewrite though! 


@InterruptingMoose it was a pleasure having a writer like you on wattpad!! In the end its your choice whether to write or not. If you do publish an original story then i hope you give a notice here so we know where to read your story!!  


Hiii!! I just received a couple updates from Painted Lies and got so excited thinking u were continuing the story but now I can’t find any of ur works on ur profile? Were they deleted?? Pls tell me they weren’t 


@wrecking_lovers yeah im getting the same thing, it doesnt show any books their profile and i wasnt able to read painted lies. 


I was wondering the same! I got a notification about the yellow brick road sucks after I found out it was deleted! But there’s nothing there 


@wrecking_lovers Maybe they were delete bc same happened here. The writer probably doesn't have any interest anymore for writing any of their stories. :( Which is sad tbh.


Hi. I think you’re really quick-witted, and more importantly inspiring that you don’t fall under the pressure of other people telling you to update your stories, instead you take time for yourself. Good job. 


Hey, um I was wondering if you were ever going to continue any of your stories, because if not, can you please mark them as discontinued, I mean you probably won't even see this but it's worth a shot, right? I hope you're okay I mean all your stories and messages are from a while ago


Heya, two things: A) I love your story The Yellow Brick Road Sucks!
          2) I think one of your chapters was cut off, because it stops in the middle of a sentence, and the next chapter is really different. The chapter is Ghosts, Pillow Forts and Coming Out.