for those of who you read CHROME,
          	would you guys like it better if I redid the entire story along with the voting process or continue where I left off? we left off with 4 of the boys dead. 
          	up to you all! <3 


I think it was good ps..I’m addicted to you books soo cool and fun to read you nice keep going 


@Innxcently I haven't read it but sounds fun :D


Happy New Year Author nim~
          You are an AMAZING writer... Your work is just beautiful and I want to Thank you for writing something that i will always remember..❤
          I wish you the happiest future~
          May you stay healthy and safe !! 


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Hi lovelyyyy can i translate ur book " Dare"
          into Persian
          i was amazing*-*
          Plssss let me:(((((♡