I love stories with good characters, good dialogue, and good plots.  I usually, but not always, skip over the smut... it is just not needed in my opinion, but I do realize that we all have different tastes, so its all good; again, no offense to anyone; I'm ok being different.

I usually prefer Fantasy genre of stories.
Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings are some of my favourite books.
'Solo Leveling' is one of my favourite webtoons.
I used to watch a LOT of anime; but i read more now.

Some of the stories in the 'Finished...' reading lists, I actually just couldn't finish them; no offense to anyone; but added so i wouldn't try to read it again if it was 'recommended'.

Just because I did finish a book and added to my "Finished..." reading lists, doesn't mean I'd recommend them. There are some good ones in there, but they didn't make my 'Favourites' list. I wish i had created a 'Good stories' list, but there is no way i am going back and reorganizing ~400 or so stories.

Items in my "Favourites" reading list are books/stories I have either re-read, want to re-read, and/or am willing to recommend to others.

- BDSM books... ugh... I've actually learned a lot about this topic through various books here on Wattpad, through some discussions with others, as well as some web research. There are so many books labelled BDSM, but really are more sexual coercion or worse. Usually when i see the tag 'BDSM' i am thinking about the BDSM Community, where consent is KEY!
- I have nothing against any authors (that I know of), though I DO have something against many characters who are just cruel, mean, etc. I often yell at some characters and their crazy choices; I am NOT yelling at the author. Characters making bad choices is not only valid, its expected! Just watch any horror movie, right? And honestly, people are often making bad choices in life... myself included!
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I just LOVE stupid and unnecessary drama!  (Yes, this is sarcasm.)
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