Some scars don't fade. R.I.P. 1/3/13

Well, I'm Van. It's short for Savannah. Don't call me that or I will cut you.

I have blue eyes and brown hair (boring, I know)

Mint green and black are da best colors EVER.

Old rock, new rock and punk rock. I'm not gonna bother naming every single band I like, though I don't pay attention to band names that much. I literally just turn on the radio and say "Oooo I like this"

I've never cut, but I have faded scars from other things.

Life is an unhappy thing, its now that I'm finally realizing that I need to make the best of it.

Waiting for him to wake up.

Sorry girls but I'm straight.

Ask me anything, I like questions.

If you are reading this, you are sexy as fuck.

Thanks for stalking me, I guess.

-Rawr- :3
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