From Africa I arose! Some of my ancestors - enslaved from birth!

Now, here I stand - a living testimony to the many battles fiercely fought and won!

I carry the weapon of intelligence and still I will fight...the adversities, disadvantages, and social stratification! The segregation, discrimination, and absolutely countless frustrations!

Look at me - know that I will fight for what is right!

Why did you decide to be my oppressor? Or, even be an aggressor?

Who taught you to hate so much?

Why do you continue with the senseless murders, oh violent vipers?

But like Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and our prophets of old,

I fight for freedom and will fight, to preserve the integrity of my Black skin!

Look at me- I see your greed;

the greed from which you devised your pyramid schemes.

You stole Black history, to design and justify your perfectly racist society.

By your education, I was brainwashed and slumbered many years in ignorance.

Now, I no longer sleep.

I rise and I wipe the tears of bloodshed, plunder and rape from my eyes.

Yet still I cough and sputter, from the choking smell of your gunpowder.

Look at me, I forgive you and I have made it my destiny never to be like you.

Wrong is wrong and the colour of my skin will never make your many wrongs right.

Despite your hate and oppressive systems, I learned love and I thrive.

I push forward, knowing the power of the spirit that lives within me,

the spirit of Mother Africa!!!!
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