Here's a random update: 
          	First of all, thank you for all the kind comments that I have been getting on my stories. Now I haven’t read all of them, as there are quite a few, but every time I see a positive one I get a smile on my face. They always inspire me to keep writing!
          	Secondly, I haven’t really updated or posted anything in a while, I’m sorry for that, live has been busy. Currently I’m getting started with a Master thesis and trying to finally get my degree. Because of my absence I would like to give a little update on a few of my stories. 
          	The Maid of Honor & The Best Man
          	I've recently edited/ rewritten the first 10 chapters and wrote chapter 11. I hope to update this book rather frequently. (As I also have quite a bit of inspiration for it!)
          	The unknown depths:
          	I am planning on finishing this story, however, for quite some time I've been stuck with this book... I hope to find inspiration soon. 
          	The Witch & The Wolf
          	I feel that this story needs a little bit of editing and polishing, but I do plan on finishing this one as well. 
          	The personal Assistant:
          	The story is done, but I should most likely edit this at some point, but it is not very high on my list of things to do. Furthermore, from time to time I notice I get comments on it specifically addressed to me the author. The problem is, however, that I get a lot of notifications in a day and I don't read all the comments, so if I don't reply, that is why. If anyone does wish to contact me you can always send me a message (though I don't always get a notification so I might be a little late on replying).
          	Lastly, if you want me to promote your story on my page then please sent me a personal message and we can discuss this. However, I want to ask people to refrain from promoting their stories on my page or in my story's comments without asking. (As mentioned before, however, I don't always get notifications when someone sends me a message, so I may not respond very fast...)
          	Thank you!


Wait real quick- I have to ask, owing that I’m a curious academic and came across something rather funny you had written in one of your books. 
          You’re an engineering student AND dyslexic? How do you overcome that!! Ahh that’s funny!  


Hey there!  I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out and introduce myself – I'm a newbie writer on Wattpad, and I just posted my first book! ✨ It's been an exciting journey so far, and I'd love it if you could check it out and be a part of my writing adventure. 
          It would mean a lot to me if you could explore my work and maybe even share your thoughts. Looking forward to connecting with fellow writers and readers!  #NewWriter #WattpadJourney


Heyy  author it been long since you have been gone and I'm wondering if you will be back
          Idk how busy you are but whatever you busy with i hope you finish it quick so you can start writing again or if you dealing with something i hope you get better soon because i really love the book the the wolf and the witch xxx