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I love your book 'In my possession' 
          Even though the ending was sad but it had to happen. Thank you for writing such a good story. 


It is literally so refreshing to see the protagonist of a book die, In My Possession is an amazing book ^_^ I'm sad she didn't choose Ethan though Q~Q


I hate the ending to in my possession it's so stupid. I thought she'd kill the snake then save walker or something welp I just wasted a day out of my life reading that book.


When are you going to publish the sequel to in my possession???? I loved it so much and I wish cambrea was just in an alternate universe and came back or something cause the ending was super sad! 


"In My Possession" was an amazing book! It had me laughing and practically in tears at certain times. I can't believe Cammie died though! Amazing plot twist...  I'll be on the look out for the sequel!! 


Hi!  I loved your story 'In My Possession'! Just wanted you to know:)  I wish she wouldn't have died though, but I know it would have been too cliche then! Amazing plot and writing :) all the best :) 


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