Gender: IM A GENDERLESS BITCH (non-binary. They/them)
Age: 15
First name: Nunya
Second name: Business
Lol bitch I have Autism and ADHD
Famdoms: (Oh boi here we go)
Dear even hansen
Be more chill
Panic! At the disco
My chemical romance *cries*
Twenty one pilots
Yuri on ice
Ouran high school host club
Akame ga kill
Attack on Titan
Future diary
Percy Jackson
Harry potter
Fall Out Boy
Death Note
Carry On/Fangirl
Ships: (boi here we go again)
Evan x Connor♥
Keith x Lance♥
Shiro x Allura♥
Hunk x Shay♥
Shiro x Matt♥
Pidge x Tech♦
Theodosia x Burr♥
Hamilton x Laurens♥ (Fite me)
Theodosia x Phillips♦ (Cute baby friends not forced lovers!)
Hamilton x Eliza♥
Kurt x Ram♥
JD x Veronica♠
Boyf x riend (Jeremy x Micheal)♥
Ryan Ross x Brenden Urine♥
Frank x Gerard♥
Josh x tyler♦
Yurio x Otabek♥
Yuri x Victor♥
Tamaki x Haru♥
Levi x Eren♥
Hanji x Titans♦
Percy x Annabeth♥
Nico x Will (OTP!!!)♥♥♥♥♥
Reyna x Thalia♥
Jason x Percy♦
Draco x Harry♠
Draco x Apple♥
Luna x Ginny♥
Light x L♠
Dirk x Jake♥
Jane x Roxy♦
Dave x John♥
Dave x Karkat♥
Gamzee x Kanaya x Rose♣
John x Karkat♠
Rose x Kanaya♥
Sollux x Aradia♦
Nepeta x Equius♦
Gamzee x Tavros♠
Feferi x Eridan♦
Gamzee x Karkat♦
Vriska x Terezi x Kanaya♣
Sollux x Eridan♠
Simon x Baz♥
Cather x Levi♥
Cather x Nick♦
Dean x Cas♥
Gabe x Sam♥
Dean x Sam♦ (No WinCesT)
Bill x Dipper♠
Also i just love Luci!!😘

If you are wondering
♥=Its like normal romance
♠=Hate each other so much ya wanna make out and fuck each other till you cant stand kinda romance
♦=Supper mega best friends and wil protect each other at all costs
♣=The last person mentioned tries to stop the other two from killing each other
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I've just found this in a massive Klance fanfiction deep dive. It only has one chapter so far but i am Shooketh! The writing is as great as it gets when it comes to fanfics!!
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