Current Roleplay: Tengen Uzui

The Wannabe Me Who Copied My Bio: @-Instant_ramen- Edit: They deleted my bio and blocked me. Some of you still follow them despite this and it makes me...upset.

My wives: ✨

My Makio: @Muichiro_Is_Cute
My Suma: @ShinazugawaGenya690
My Hinatsuru: @Tsukasa__Biggest_Kin
My Akira: @IzaAki063
My Niyah: @thatonegirllmao9
My Lily: @That-B1tch-69

My Husband ✨


My Heart And Soul: My Edynn: @Edynn143

My sex doll:

My sister:@-bl0ss0mzz-
My deceased nephew, rest in peace: @hearts4-mae
My child: @kinoko131

Doumasimp: @Verifi3dS1mp-69

Shinobu (Butterfly 1#)@CanadaIsSuperior
Kanae (Butterfly 2#) @-Kocho-Kanae- Giyuu (Emo Pillar) @Shroom_The_Toadstool Muichiro
Mitsuri(mochi mochi pillar) @-Mitsuri_Kanroji-mk
Gentle Giant: @gyobaby

• I identify as a threat. My pronouns are Try/Me.
• I love flirting. Sue me.
•Arson is a beautiful thing
• Ah yes cannibalism
• That's what she said.
• What a drag:/
• Anime is life
• Cereal killer
• Mass Murder is fun
• Shame? never heard of her.
• Never let anyone tell you violence isn't the answer, 10/10 times violence solves everything
• Peace was never an option
• I am the House Plant of my Wattpad family
• I have been told that I act like I'm high all the time, and in fact, I am.
• I respond to any pronouns :]
• Roleplay yes.
• Totally not your drug dealer
• Tell me 'Sugar Honey Ice Tea' (S.H.I.T. for short) and request whatever drug, poison, candy, food or weapon you require (spell it backwards so the cops don't know, they aren't very smart) and I will give it to you.
• Hisoka is my cousin✨


*Bread Cult
•A cult devoted to bread. If you see someone in Among Us whose username is Bread Cult, it's me.

*Muichiro Worship Cult
•A cult that was my idea! I share the leadership along with @Muichiro_Is_Cute. Muichiro is god.

*Cult of Sloth
• Sleep well, and in hell, tell them you do not wish them well.

*Grammarly Cult

* Shittus Cult
• :]
  • Hoping that you all stop dying….
  • JoinedAugust 24, 2023

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I-eat-children-69 I-eat-children-69 Feb 20, 2024 03:17AM
TO THE PEOPLE ROLEPLAYING WITH ME-I’m sorry I haven’t been responding as much as usual. I can’t respond rn but I promise I’ll get to it. On the weekends normally is when I’m most active on pms.
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