Read up on fanfiction stories... MAINLY HORROR I HAVE TO WARN YOU

100% Slytherin

Percy Jackson, Shadowhunters, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Land of Stories, Skulduggery Pleasant, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Five Feet apart, Divergent, Harry Potter and so on...

I'm also a fan of Greek myths and stuff
so I've got to mention
those fae guys that invited me to their winter ball
or those werewolves that coughed up all their furballs on my rug
or those tiny gnomes that I just know are hiding in my wardrobe
or those vampires that kidnapped my cousin (who said she didn't believe in that sort of stuff, but wheres she now?)
or those mermaids that hypnotized my cat with their ''beautiful'' song
I could go on and on

(I'd give them all a round of applause cause you know how moody they can get...)

I am hopefully really relatable with school and stuff so always feel free to say ''wow, that is exactly something that has happened to me!'' and ''so I'm not the only one??'' or even ''this girls a psycho, I would never do that!'', cause that will happen... hopefully my dreams aren't too big...

And um i guess i'm kind of a joker and a practical joker cause I'm trying to get people to laugh cause that makes me feel like i've actually SUCCEEDED in doing something in my life... BUT IT HAS TO BE A REAL LAUGH OKAY???
I guess im one of those people who (this is gonna get cringe) er hide their pain under a smile and a joke in a way and i know I'm not the only one so I'm free in my inbox if anyone wants to tell me their life story and their dark thoughts cause we all have them...
I've been going through a dark dark depression for a few years now but i don't think i'll ever tell my family (and I'm not saying you shouldn't tell them, talking to people is good you know) cause they'll never understand and i just DONT WANT THEM TO KNOW... but if someone wants to talk, i don't mind being your therapist xx
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Snowballs buried in my back garden, by the plum tree.he was four years old and UNBELIEVABLY skinny, he was born like that, skinniest out of his siblings...everyone says he was ''the runt of the lit...
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