A simp🗿. Just a simp🗿😩

....but take that as a ducking (🦆oh a duck....😋🍽) ⚠️warning⚠️ cause like bitch (🐩 yeah, no not that one-) I'm coming😏( ahem not like tha- I mean...unless jk jk☺) for yo fine ass( BOOTY POSITIVITY OVER HERE BITCHES😋💅 chef kiss btw🍑😌👌) and when I simp🗿, I simp🗿 with all my god ( Bestie you really need jesus tho, you and yo horny ass. Nvm even holy water can't help you at this point🛐😇📿) damn heart❤( and maybe my soul too..) hoe🤧. Ahem so yeah I'm a simp🗿....for.you ( like damn shawty you fine asf😳🛐)😍🤧😩

Mama raised no whore but she raised a gd mf simping ass hoe🌝

...eh yeah...basically I'm uh a ¿weird? simpity simp. Ehm uh hm eNjOy?0_O I- Idk man just do whatever tf you want. I'm outta here. Peace out🚪 🚶‍♀️
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