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Hi all,
          Remember to add Moonlit Fever (a Wattpad Original story) to your library so you get notified when it’s released on June 13th. 


@GuiltyFlower ohh thank you we sure will ☺️


Hello everyone! For those who keep asking The Rookie Pirates Book 1 & Halfway Point Book 2 (which was taken down) are on hiatus. 
          I do not know when I’ll return to writing the series, it’s going through major editing that is taken longer than I expected. But rest assured I will one day finish the story.
          However, I have a very busy schedule at the moment. When I first started writing the Rookie Pirates I was still in school and had a lot of free time.
          I’m now working a full time job and I have other writing plans which I’m very excited to share with you soon in the coming months. 
          So please stay tuned.  Love you all, Robin.


@GuiltyFlower yes yes it's okay take your time , I'll wait for it , it's a story I talked with my younger siblings too so when u will finish I'll make them read it as well 


@lulu2797_03 Yes thank you for being one of my readers. I’m currently busy with other works but I will return to the rookie pirates soon. 


@capta1 Hi, It’s been so long since I updated but I promise to re-upload soon. I am currently starting a new originals story with Wattpad but once that is complete I will return to the rookie pirates. 


Are you still planning on bringing back halfway point and possibly continuing Rookie pirates 


Hi, yes eventually I will, but not for a long time I’m afraid. I have other works planned that I’m focusing on at the moment. Then I will return to finishing the Rookie Pirates and Halfway Point 


i would like to know, do you intend on putting the second book of the rookie pirates series back up? i read it a looooong time ago when the rookie pirates still wasn’t finished and it was very good. i believe it was called halfway point?


@WyattCrampton Hi, thank you for reading the Rookie Pirates. I will eventually be putting Halfway Point back up. It’s currently going through an editing phase at the moment and should be back up soon. 


Hello my Guilty Flowers, it’s been awhile. Two years if you have to know since I last posted on Wattpad. And there have been some many changes since I’ve been away. But I never truly left, I’ve been watching, waiting, reading your comments and messages and biding my time, patiently waiting for my comeback. And let me tell you, there is some exiting things to come. 
          First thing, I’ve become an official content creator on Wattpad which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me and the stories I have to tell. 
          Second thing, as some of you are well aware, I’ve been doing heavy editing with the Adventures of Jessica Red behind the scenes, and it’s during this editing process that I realised there were too many flashbacks in my story deterring away from the main plot. And so I decided I couldn’t keep going forward with the Adventures of Jessica Red until I’d established the foundations for the original world I was building. 
          So keep your eyes open tomorrow Friday 16th September for a brand new trilogy prequel series based 300 years before the time of the Adventures of Jessica Red, exploring the events that led Prince Cyrus Drake (previously known as King Mordred Pendragon in the original series) into becoming the immortal tyrant King. Told from the point of view of two brand new characters; Seth Orison and Annalise Elden (the grandparents of everyone’s favourite black winged faerie Luke Orison) as they fight against a rising evil that’s consumed the Fae Court.
          There will be mayhem, chaos, bloodshed, love, the occasional spice and a sprinkle of LGBTQ+ magic. And a few returning favourite characters who wouldn’t have expected to see 300 years previously. Spoiler: *cough* Jude Hunter *cough*.
          So what are you waiting for, the book is already posted with the blurb. So make sure to add it to your library so not to miss out on the weekly updates. 
          As always, stay guilty.


@GuiltyFlower Came back again to reread the story that saved me from boredom back when I was a kid. I'm trying to finish it now that I have grown older, sadly, it was already discontinued. I remembered back then being super impatient with the updates as you were writing the story. Then I just... Stopped reading for whatever reason. When I came back, the book was finished and Book 2 called Halfway Point is being updated. That's when I left my earlier comment. Can't believe that it has been years since. Coming back now, I am rereading the Rookie Pirates and even bought the entire book and partly blaming my old self for not reading Halfway Point when I had the chance. I hope that you still have access to this account and can read my comment. You have no idea how you spruced up my imagination and longed for a life out in the sea. I hope that someday, you get a chance to finish the Adventures of Jessica Red or maybe create a new story. I'd be sure to read it too. Wish you all the best!


@GuiltyFlower i've been waiting for this moment. I missed every single word you write in your series. I'm gonna wait whatever it takes to read your histories. <3


Just completed The Rookie Pirates and I am obsessed to say the least! Tried to find #2 and I saw the msg it was pulled down for edits. 
          Looking forward to continuing the adventure. It has been an amazing and wild ride! 
          Thank you so much for the hard work and effort you put into this! ❤