I love apathetic_Remorse stories. I just noticed one of her book in my library in removed and I can't find her profile. I hope she's okay.


I'm a huge fan of insufferable but it seems to be removed :/


Hey, I hope apathetic_Remorse is okay. I hope she starts her stories again. She's an amazing person with an amazing gift for writing! No matter what I'll stay a true fan an hope for her return!!! 


Hi Gryffin, by any chance do you know what happened to @apthetic_Remorse? I was reading one her stories and now it's removed. Anyways I hope she's doing well. Good day/night :)


Does anyone know why she deleted her profile??


Does anyone know why apathetic_remorse deleted her stuff? She didn't even give a warning! I'm so sad;I loved her books!! 


Why would she delete her story and profile all of a sudden?