Hey guys!
          	Alright so idk if anyone actually sees these but I figured it was worth a shot.  I know it’s been a while since I was active, but as I’d mentioned before, this is an insanely difficult semester for me, so I really just don’t have the time to update super often. I’ve been trying to do at least once a month, but it’s starting to look like I might not even be able to keep up with that.  But you would be happy to know that I have the next chapter for both books written; they just need some editing and will be up before you know it! Thanks for dealing with me so far. I’ll do my best to make this wait worth it!!


@Glue-All Just checking in with you to see how your doing since we haven't heard from you in a while!


@Glue-All its been a year  a clue plz abt the release