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Hey! My name is William but you can call me Will for short 🥰 I am trans (FTM) asexual who loves everything Marvel

Frostiron is my otp 💚❤

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Australian 🇦🇺
Slytherin 🐍
Atheist ✌

🔥BME Cult Member🔥

All books I write will be filled with gutwrenching angst 🥲 You have been warned😌

If you're against gay ships or have a problem with lgbt+ in general please keep your comments to yourself 🤐 Thanx!

I'm fluent in Italian, English and I'm slowly learning sign language 👍

Put this on your page to show you support every relationship ❤

Dear bullies,
You know that boy you pushed over yesterday?🤚
Committed suicide last night😔
That girl you called fat?👧
She's starving herself🥪
And that boy you teased for crying?😭
His mother died☠
You know that man you made fun of for his scars?👴
He fought for our country👊
That girl you called dumb?🙄
She had dyslexia😖
That guy you called retarded for being in a wheelchair?😒
He risked his life to save a child❤
That girl you pushed down the other day?🙌
She's already being abused at home😣
And everyone else you've been mean to?😠
You've either hurt them really bad or ruined their life😡
Put this in your profile if you're against bullying🚫
Bullying causes more that tears😢
It causes death💀

Put this dog on
//^^\\ your Page
(/(_•_)\) to show
_/"•"\_ that you are
(,,,)^(,,,) Against Animal Cruelty
There is no excuse for animal abuse! 🐶

Anyway, read my books or face my wrath!

Love you 3000 ❤️

Techoblade never dies in out hearts 🐽💕
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Technoblade never dies in our hearts ❤️
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