Thanks for visiting my profile (or randomly stumbling upon it) I hope you like what I've written. If you couldn't tell, I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games and Divergent. One day I hope to be a published writer. Anyway, I hope you guys like what I've done so far. Read, vote and comment! Updates are usually done on the weekend.

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Transparent: A Divergent FanFiction (Book One)
Rampant: A Divergent FanFiction (Book Two)
Inextricable: A Divergent FanFiction (Book Three)
The Hunger Games: On the 70th
Voices of the Dead: A Hunger Games FanFiction

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✔ Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist....
(Peeta Mellark, Four/Tobias Eaton, Finnick Odair, Ian O'Shea, Augustus "Gus" Waters, Sam Roth, Newt, Minho, Patch, etc.)

I am a reader.
I lived as Katniss, surviving against all the odds.
I lived as Tris, learning that it's ok to be different.
I lived as Ender, truly understanding my enemy, and then learning to love them.
I lived as Harry, fighting against evil.
I lived as Tally, learning that there's more to life than beauty.
I lived as Max, learning to be a good leader to my flock.
I lived as Percy, finding my true friends.
I lived as Hazel, experiencing hope, love, pain, and loss.
I lived as Wanderer and Melanie, learning that love is the most powerful thing.
I lived as Thomas, running through the maze and learning to lead.
I am a reader, and I have lived a thousand lives.


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