(Multishippings welcomed but please do not smut/lemons/clop with me because....Ew-! So totally uncool. Okay, thanks!)

Hiya, everypony! Game Art here, the bestest gamer & artist in all of Equestria. Keeper of the element of technology. Just another average unicorn straight from Canterlot. Yep, that's me! Just another everyday average unicorn of yours.

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Name: Game Art

Gender: Female

Species: Horse

Type: Unicorn

Sexuality: Hetero/Straight

Fandom: MLP/Sona

Crush: Shadow Magic the alicorn (Who is male but his owner is female--Stop changing your username! XD)

Model: Rainbow Dash

Magic: Neon Green

Besties: Sky Cobalt the pegasus (@Eris345)

From: Canterlot but is now lives at Everfree campsite

Likes: Drawing, gaming, reading, writing, & hanging out.

Dislikes: Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Game Glitch (Bad side), spiders, clowns, heights, hate, bullies, trolls, viruses & smut/lemons/clops

Personality: Kind, friendly, energetic, restless, hardcore gamer & all positivity.

Backstory: You really don't wanna know, mate....

Two can play at that game!

I'm sorry, Shadow Magic, for what Celestia had done to you.

Stop Glitch. Get the element of technology. Send her back to the other dimension. Equestria must not be her game.

Glitch: Soon, all of Equestria will fall before me! It shall become my own game dimension! Glitches, viruses & everything bad that Game Art felt shall be forever brought upon all who made her feel a way! I am Glitch, the new ruler of Equestria!

(PFP: @QueenMaximusAutopony)

(BG: @|SpectraTheWerehog)
  • Everfree Forest Campsite
  • JoinedOctober 11, 2018

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GameArtTheUnicorn GameArtTheUnicorn Apr 11, 2020 02:49AM
Oh, my dear Celestia! By the wrath of Nightmare Moon, what in Equestria is going on?! Some weirdo just randomly mentioned me on their board stating they wanna clop! *Screams and runs off*
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