I just hit 11k followers and 8k votes on my book Rise of The Conquest! Thank you for everyone who believes in me and my book! I appreciate all of you never stop chasing your dreams!!! 
          	I Just started crafting the second book!  Stay on the look out for some new sci-fi vibes!
          	If you support the book and loved the story PLEASE tag at least 3 people you know who would also enjoy to read it! If I can get to 10k votes I will release chapter 13 as a preview of the book before it is released! 
          	I am currently watching Sword Art Online! I am enjoying it so far! 
          	What is your favorite genre of anime or book? 


@GabrielArevalo19 Aw, that's really cool! I hope to one day hit 1k myself = u=;
          	  My favorite anime is Fairy Tail, though I could be biased because the only other anime I've watched is Blend S. Say what you want about the plot line, but the soundtrack and characters are just *chef's kiss*.


Hello @GabrelArevalo19 ,,, firstly congrats on your 11k followers and 8k votes on your book!!! I'm just as happy as your other followers. Congratulations, indeed!
          Thanks for the follow as well, hope all's well and great! Stay safe during these difficult times, will ya ;))
          Lots of love~~~


Thank you for following me, I am unsure as to why but thank you none the less! ^.^ I hope your writing journey is a blessed one full of success 


Thank you for following me! I honestly don’t know why but I really appreciate it!! I wish you the best of luck on your writing journey and I really hope you get your book published for real! 


Hello thank you for following me. Your book looks amazing. I wish you the best on everything. 


I srlsy don't know why you followed me but thank you❤
          To be followed by a great author warms my heart. Emegesh


To be followed by someone with a book like this feels... as if I don't deserve it. I thank you.