We stumbled upon this amazing idea on how to share your own story! According to @voyageavecmoi, Drabbles are 100 word stories that force writers to use their words more efficiently... This form of writing is a great place to start for those who would like to write, but feel the pressure to reach an "acceptable" number of words before hitting the "Publish" button! For inspiration on how to go about this, please check out Travel Drabbles by @voyageavecmoi and start writing! Tag your story with #FreeYourStory so that we can read it and add it to our lists!


@Voyageavecmoi this is really cool! Thanks for linking us to this resource. Hoping to see more non-fiction drabbles on WP! :)


@FreeYourStory Thank you so much for the shout out! The idea has been out there longer than I've been writing them, but they can be a lot of fun. This site has a bit more on drabbles :


I really like what you all are standing for.
          My story is complicated, but still in the running!
          Since I feel comfortable here, I figured I'd share a little something.
          I'VE SAVED LIVES! It's so cool to me!
          Anyway, yeah
          OK bye lol :) ;) B>


Hello Watt pad community!!  The Hunted One is my first story.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would give it a look!  Here is the summary. 
          Kyle Richards is a typical teenage boy until one day his life changes forever when he finds out he has the ability of Telekinesis.  Kyle and his friend Sheila struggle to learn about his new ability.  They try to keep it a secret as Kyle learns to control it.  They do, until that fateful day Kyle is caught on video using his ability to save the life of a girl and it goes viral on the internet.  Now they are being watched.  Afraid they wonder what's next....
          Thanks for your time.....


Hey everyone❤❤
          I'd gladly appreciate it if you could check out my works❤ 
          I'll return the favor


Hello, can you guys take a minute and read my book Song Lyrics. It's a Justin Bieber Fanfiction but could easily be translated into a non Fanfiction. Summary provided below.
          Music can connect you in many ways. Even in ways that aren't permitted. Meet Darcy talented vocalist that belongs in a band, but runs solo -or will run solo forever- or at times. When a opportunity comes crossing her way she's to deal with the consequences of keeping her love for her boss down low or lose everything she and her parents have worked for. This is why song lyrics are her escape.


Dear watt pad people 
          Check out my poems and what not
          I join watt pad by hearing it from a friend and after I got to understand how to use the app I decided to share my story with everyone hoping I could help somebody who is going through the same things I'm going through and try to help myself through Writing
          Thanks 1 million if you stop by my account and I hope you can take a lesson and or think about what I write thank you so very much


@AYKAM1210 I'll definitely check it out!


               TANGLED HEARTS by Angel
          Kirsten Allen joins as the PA to Justin Martinez, the Director of the mega business company, The Apex Business Corp.
          Her boss is compassionate and helpful while she is spirited and loyal. 
          However, Kirsten is not lucky enough so as to cope with the merits and strains of her job easily with all her best efforts especially when she had to deal with its top class CEO, Kevin Morales.
          So, come & join Kirsten in the roller coaster ride of her love life when she finally finds out whom her heart is tangled with, in - TANGLED HEARTS!! 
          My first story on Wattpad. Making an attempt to enthral the readers with this Erotic Romance Fiction! :)
          Hope to get many more reads and votes ahead. Please keep your support and enjoy reading my story  !! :) :)
          *Three chapters are updated so far*


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Read my story
          Andrew's Girl:
          Junior year, a new girl that goes by the name of Quinn arrives at school and catches the eye of every single guy in school, especially Andrew, the school's biggest fuck boy. At her new school she starts a new chapter of her life, hopeing that no one will discover the secrets of her past.


Thank you so much for voting for on my memoir How To Be A Horrible Person, I love your campaign and hope I can get featured on your site one day!!