In case you weren't aware, my newest book 'The Idea Of Anything' is on hiatus. This is because of some personal and family issues revolving around financials, and I need to worry more about my mental health and the stability of my family. If you are interested at all in helping out, message me and we can talk. Thank you!


@FlowingPastYourStuff perfectly understandable, we'll wait for you ok? we love you :>


@FlowingPastYourStuff what can I do to help?


Hey! I am currently readin uninvited and was REALLY wondering if you speak german since you used a bunch of german words lmao anyways goid day


What is your discord? I know you've put it on the story,(uninvited) but it doesn't seem to work! I have fan art that I want to send to you :)


          hiiiiii :), I just want to say that I read begonias and univited. I don't know how you did it but only with words you made me feel so many emotions but whatever. I started to read the idea of anything and I just wanted to check if you were good and thank you again for all your wonderful stories :) 


@lescactusfolle I am feeling better, thank you for asking. I plan on writing again soon, so don't thank me for my stories just yet