New chapter of Rose Weasley is being written! I hope to have it out tomorrow!


@Flourish-and-Blotts pls update. It has been almost 2 years now.


@Flourish-and-Blotts I thought that was 2016....


@Flourish-and-Blotts I'm not sure about the whole tomorrow thing cause its been a few weeks... 


Hii hii
          I'm sorry I don't mean to intrude, well but if i do, feel free to delete this n ignore me n u'll immediately be obliviated ✧
          if u like fantasy typed stories, maybe you can check out 'Raeliana Adfrenssa' by melifluousgelatoo I'm a fan and I think she deserves more support, so maybe u can read, vote n maybe comment n follow her? 
          here's where u can find it https://my.w.tt/7rOrwI92Hcb or in my reading list
          I hope its not too much to ask
          thank you very much and I hope u have a nice dayy, if not? 
          then just remember that you're the main character in your own story and yk the story is never fun if the mc didn't have any hardships, so good luck on overcoming it, I'm sure your story will be a good one
          stay safe ❤️


I love your Harry Potter fan fiction ! Although I’m German it’s relay nice to read ! <3 


Two things;
          One: Can you please update The Potter Blogger and RWATGW?
          Two: Why is RWATGW on hold? Just out of curiosity.
          You're an amazing writer, and I totally agree with what your description says about you taking your books seriously. Keep up the great work! 


I know this is weird but can you please follow one more person so that it's an even 900? 


In your book 'Rose Weasley and the Golden Willow' do you (or a friend) create the artworks? They are absolutely gorgeous! P.s. Loving your story :)