I haven't been on this for like 9 months and i have over 50 inbox which i have not responded to due to being away for so long sorry for looking like a dick


I am thinking of creating a new group / society, bringing together like-minded people who want to help bring a change.
          Whether it be helping people, or speaking up about an issue, or spreading good words- we must take a step to bring about a change.
          A project with campaigns surrounding 'round the old phrase - Sharing is Caring. People around the world are suffering, just like the world itself is. And it is our duty to help save each other.
          Spread love. Spread care. Spread happiness. Spread health. Spread wisdom. Spread beauty.
          Make a change. Be responsible for your actions - know that even a smallest act that do lots.
          Pave a path which you can traverse, hand in hand with others.
          Whether it be environmental, people, animals, or self care - you can make a change.
          The idea is all about bringing like-minded, individualistic people who want to make a change, together and working towards a better world.
          If you wanna join, let me know! :)