My new story is out. 
          	Read the explanation in Author's note before complaining that I should complete my previous stories. 
          	I love you. 


@ FastAndDeep  so happy to see you're back!


Omg your back this week can’t get any better now 


@FastAndDeep thank you and love you too


To Ethan,
          I would ask you to meet me but you need to fall from heaven (as told by your current location)to hell ( where I am right now) in order to do that. 
          But looking at your works I would like to ask you one question that is 
          “ Sweetheart, what the hell are you doing in heaven? ”
          Cuz from what I heard was ‘all good boys go to heaven and bad boys bring heaven to you’
          — Just a curious person.


This is sdmystery I changed my email and had to make a new account if you could message me I'd appreciate it 


You’ve been one of my favorite here on Wattpad since I started reading on here !! I can’t wait to read more; all though you haven’t been active recently.. (im not here to push you to write) just hope that you’re doing okay and that you’re heads on straight for the new year.  
          Much love, Alexandra 


Hey! I am here just to know your well-being. Are you alright ? Its been a long time since you last posted something here on wattpad. We all are looking forward to hear from you.