Hi I've been re-reading your book series lately and wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading them and I'm always excited for Monday. You are an amazing writer! I read a lot and this book series is probably one of my favorites now.


Hi I just started to read your book and I am obsessed. I have laughed and cried. I really am sorry for Katie. I really wish she will get back to human. 


I don’t know what time it is wherever you are but I just finished Cry of the Mer, finally, I started years ago on quotev too. This story has touched my heart all over again and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to read. Anyone I’ve been talking to all day can tell you how I’ve ranted of this amazing story on and on. I do hope one day that I will see this on a bookshelf, but until then, I will be reading your sequel! Thank you for bringing this story into the world and have a nice day 


Hi, I’d just like to take the time to let you know what an amazing writer you are! I started reading cry of the mer years ago on quotev but I’m aware you encountered some copyright issues and had to stop and i has been looking for the whole book since, I’m so glad I finally found it!! I’m not sure if you have already but I would definitely buy this book and recommend it! You’re a truly talented author !