Hi there! I don't really care what people call me but you can call me Fallen if you'd like. 

They/Them pronouns please.


Current/Main Project - Rebel Love

Feel free to spell check me, I will never take offense to it haha.

I'll ship virtually anything, feel free to talk to me about it ^^

Top OTPs -
Cross/Blue (All time fav)

Top OT3s -

Top OT4s -

I don't mind arguing about things, as long as things stay civil and both parties keep an open mind, then feel free to argue with me!

I'm trying to be the best white ally I can be. I'll keep myself educated and if I make any mistakes please correct me. Won't happen again. All lives won't matter until black lives matter.

Fandoms -
UTMV (Main)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Teen Titans
Steven Universe
Dead by Daylight (I just think it's neat)

My comfort characters -
Error (Undertale)
Dreamswap!Ink (Undertale)
Bowser (Mario)
Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Bolin (The Legend of Korra)
Lust/Hearts (Undertale)

Fastest 5K - 25:14 (Minutes:seconds)

My timezone is mountain daylight time (GMT-6)

My birthday is July 25th.

I'm a Biromantic Homosexual (and probably polyamorous too)

I speak English and I'm learning Italian (I am no way fluent in it yet, but I am learning).

I play cello, piano, and percussion!

I am like, super shy, so don't get offended if I don't reply to you right away haha. I am trying to get better at responding.

Background image is by Menou on Twitter!
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FallenAsleepYetAgain FallenAsleepYetAgain Jan 19, 2021 01:46PM
alright hand over the blue/nightmare and dream/nightmare prompts. ,,,please
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