☆ Irl friend;; @khaoticanxiety 


★ »› welcome!!

☆ Name?;; Hello! I go by Fritz here but you can call me anything as long as it isn't insulting, a racial, or homophobic slur.

☆ Pronouns?;; I go by any/all though I prefer he/him. I'm not so sure about neo-pronouns atm until I learn more about them!

☆ Age?;; I am a minor, that's as far as I'll take this one.

☆ Relationships?;; currently single :D

☆ Sexuality?;; I'm a Demi-Aceflux! the more I hang around a person the more I fall for them, more of personality instead of looks! and aceflux meaning most of the time my form of love is non-sexual!

☆ fun facts?;;
I believe in the supernatural, I have anxiety and possible ADHD but I'm going to therapy to get possibly diagnosed.

☆ Quotes?;;
"At least take me to dinner before your decide TO FVCK ME!!"
"Vegan? You like eating grass?"
"Rip that pvssy ayy~"
"I have the attention span of a gold fish but the energy of a golden retriever"
"you don't have to a spaghetti noodle, you can just be a cute meatball"
"Markiplier is kinda a dilf, respectfully of course."

☆ Fandoms?;; a few actually!!
»Last legacy (nixhydra)
»The arcana (nixhydra)

☆ kinnies?;;
[Dsmp] Ranboo!!
[Dsmp] Tubbo!!
[Aphmau] Lucinda!!
[Haikyuu] noya!!
[Bnha] Denki!! + Sero!!
[Last legacy] Sage!!
[The arcana] Murial!!
[The arcana] Asra!!
[Cookie Run] strawberry cookie!!

☆ musician/bands?;;
Mother Mother!!
Girl in red!!
Glass animals!!
Twenty one pilots!!
Insane Clown Posse!!
Falling In Reverse!!
Childish Gambino!!
Harry Styles!!
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